Connecting Gmail enables you to send emails from your email domain when you approve a suggested campaign within Autobound. After approving a campaign, you’ll see the email sent from your outbox in 1-2 minutes.

Connecting Gmail

  1. Go to Settings → Integrations, then click “Connect” next to the Gmail icon.

  2. When you click connect for Gmail, make sure you select the option to "Send emails on your behalf"

Reply tracking

In order to capture replies, you'll have to insert your "app password" from Gmail. Do so by following these steps.

We put together an interactive demo you can follow along with inside your own Gmail & Auobound accounts. Each step is also detailed below:

Interactive demo

  1. Login to Gmail

  2. Click your profile in the top right corner

  3. Click Manage your Google Account

  4. Select Security on the left side of the screen

  5. Under Signing into Google, select App Passwords. You may need to sign in. If you don’t have this option, it might be because: 2-Step Verification is not set up, and you should turn that on first. Learn how.

  6. Choose Select app and click Other

  7. Type Autobound

  8. Click Generate

  9. Copy the 16 digit string in yellow

  10. Log into Autobound and go to Settings -> Integrations

  11. Click App password

  12. Paste the 16 digit string into the text box, and click Save Changes

Once successful, you’ll see a green lock appear on the right side of the Gmail tile in your Autobound account.

Still, need a hand? Give this video a watch!

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