Q: What's a triggering event?

A: As a salesperson, timing is everything. A trigger event is an occurrence that sparks an "in" for creating a new sales opportunity.

Some examples are when companies: hire new executives, announce new customers, raise funding, or launching new products.

Q: Why is it important?

A: Up until now, reps have dealt with grueling, fragmented workflows when trying to consistently have the right triggering events at their fingertips. If you're too slow, and you contact a prospect right after they purchase your competitor, you're out of luck. And if you're overly generic with no situationally specific value prop, it's likely your sales emails will end up in the trash.

Prospects are over 400% more likely to convert when you reach out to them because of a triggering event (source: fundz.net). Studies also show that emails with personalized subject lines get 50% higher open rates (source: marketingdive.com). imagine the possibilities when combining the two.

Q: How does Autobound track triggers?

A: Autobound "listens" to triggering events as they occur at companies in your CRM. Our engine matches the website URL and company name fields from the CRM to a database of millions of companies.

Users select triggers they want to track on the "Triggers" page in Autobound (shown below).

Autobound's engine listens to these events as they occur, then pairs them with the personas and content on "Suggested Campaigns", in ready-to-send format.

Triggers are either 1st party (based off of CRM logic) or 3rd party (based off of realtime news events). By default, "Suggested Campaigns" include 3rd party triggers that occured within the last 30 days.

Q: How can I verify the accuracy of a trigger?

A: Within a Suggested Campaign (based off of an 3rd partytrigger), "Signal Information" provides you with all of the supporting data on the event-at-hand. Soon, you'll be able to incorporate numerous custom fields from the trigger itself (e.g. "product name", "funding amount in $", "competitor mentioned", etc) into Snippet Templates.

Q: What 3rd Party Triggers does Autobound track?

A: Autobound currently tracks 28 triggers in 4 categories. Those are:


  • Acquisitions

  • Asset sales/divestitures

  • Company buys assets

  • Company makes investment

  • Funding (Seed --> Series E)

  • Initial public offering (IPO)

  • Mergers

General Business:

  • Award

  • Closes office

  • Decreases headcount

  • Developing new offering

  • Expands existing offices

  • Files lawsuit

  • Increases headcount

  • Integration with another company

  • Launches new offering

  • New customer

  • New or existing competitor

  • Opens new office

  • Opens new service location

  • Opens/expands new/existing facilities

  • Partnership

  • Recognition

  • Vulnerability problems


  • Left company

  • New hire

  • Promotion

  • Retires

Q: What 1st Party Triggers does Autobound track?

A: Autobound accounts come pre-built with "internal" triggers, stemming primarily from CRM fields. These mimic best-of-breed sales practices, like following up with contacts who previously expressed an interest to buy.

They are:

  • Closed lost opp 30+ days ago

  • Open opp with no activity in past 2 weeks

  • No activity 30 days

  • No previous activity

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