Users can build personas, then associate specific messaging to them (see Snippets), causing Autobound to suggest persona-specific messaging within suggested campaigns.

Personas should be created for each stakeholder you target, for which you'd meaningfully differentiate your pitch or messaging towards. For example, Autobound's value proposition is different for the Head of Sales Enablement and the Chief Revenue Officer, but we wouldn't necessarily change our messaging between the VP of Sales and EVP of Sales.

Creating a persona

You can create personas in Autobound similar to how you might run a search in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or Zoominfo - across contact and company attributes including job title, industry, company employee count, and more.

  1. Go to the Personas page

  2. Press Create persona

  3. Name your persona

    1. There’s an art to this. We’d bundle the VP, SVP, director, and head of both revenue operations and sales operations into the same persona that we’d call “Head of Rev Ops”).

    2. At this stage, we don’t suggest making different personas for different industries or company sizes.

  4. Fill out your filters

    1. Must contain and Must not contain and seniority are typically the three most used filters here.

    2. Example to convey best practices

      1. If we were building out two personas, Head of Sales and Head of Sales Enablement, we’d put the word “enablement” into Must not contain for our Head of Sales persona

      2. If we were building out a persona for the CTO, and put “CTO” into Must contain, we’d put the word “director” into Must not contain. That’s because the letters CTO are in the word direCTOr. We’d also put the word “assistant” into the Must not contain, because we don’t want the CTO’s assistant suggested (if “Assistant to the CTO” is a contact in the CRM).

      3. Keep manipulating your filters, scrolling through the responding list of contacts, and finding ways to enhance how your filters are set up

Master these first

To understand why personas are important, and how they influence the contacts and content in your suggested campaigns, you’ll need to fully understand how insights, snippet editing, getting contacts into the system (via CSV or Salesforce integration) all works.

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