Users can filter all of the contacts from within their CRM into "Personas". This enables users to:

  • Filter which contacts should show up in a suggested campaign, based on a certain trigger, and

  • Tag Personas to snippet logic, so certain snippets are only suggested for a given persona

Personas should be created for each stakeholder of your good or service, for which you'd differentiate your pitch or sales messaging towards. For example, Autobound's value proposition is different for the Head of Sales Enablement and the Chief Revenue Officer.

A good rule of thumb is to aim to have 1,000 or more contacts mapped across all of your personas. You can find the "eligible contacts" for a given persona in the blue bubble to the right of the Persona's name.

You can create personas in Autobound similar to how you might run a search in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or Zoominfo - across contact and company attributes including job title, industry, company employee count, and more.

Once you know how to create Personas, head over to our article describing how to associate Personas to specific messaging.

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