Adding BCC

Many external systems allow users to log emails and associate them to a contact record by adding a BCC address to outgoing emails. Check your external system's help documentation on how to find the BCC address.

Once you have the BCC address, log into Autobound, and head to General Settings.

From there, simply add a recipient, and past your BCC address, then click save changes.

How to Set up BCC with Salesforce

First, ensure your Salesforce administrator has BCC to Salesforce enabled. Your unique email within your Salesforce instance can be found by clicking on your profile icon at the top right of the screen. Select "Settings" or "Setup" from the drop down bar.

Then click into “My Email to Salesforce”.

Add your email address under "My Acceptable Email Addresses".

Click "Save".

Your BCC to Salesforce link is highlighted in yellow -copy it so you can paste it into Autobound.

In Settings, paste that link into the field marked "Email sending - Bcc these recipients on every email delivery". Don't forget to click "save" (top right of the screen) when you're done!

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