Suggested campaigns gives users a continuously refreshed list of ready-to-engage, prioritized prospects. Admins can build in the "reasons" they'd want to reach out to a prospect, into a feature we call Insights. Autobound's prospect algorithm continuously listens for those insights across every contact in your CRM, then suggests a prioritized feed of ready-to-send emails, which reference those insights.

Each campaign includes:

  1. A triggering insight that initiated the campaign. This could be sparked internally (e.g. "no activity in 30 days" from the CRM) or from 3rd party insights (e.g. news events, hiring trends)

  2. A contact/lead, either from your CRM or CSV import. This contact has to match the rules of the triggering insight.

  3. Snippets (sales copy), with associated insights that are "true" for the contact being suggested.

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- Interactive demo of a suggested campaign

- Reviewing a campaign

- Approving a campaign

- Rejecting a campaign

- Contacts appearing in multiple triggers

- Campaign regeneration (how it works)

- Inaccurate news events

Interactive demo

To click through an interactive example of a suggested campaign, check out the interactive demo below.

Reviewing a campaign

When opening a campaign, it's the users job to:

- Verify the assumptions Autobound is making on the suggested contact are accurate (e.g. is the news article classified correctly, or is it incorrect?)

- Ensure the active insights are being referenced in the campaign's snippets (if not all are being used, the user should create new snippets)

- Send or reject the campaign

Approving a campaign

Approving a Campaign sends the suggested email directly from your email outbox. If you add a contact to a Salesloft/Outreach sequence, future emails will be sent from Salesloft/Outreach. Emails will automatically log in Salesforce (if applicable).

Rejecting a campaign

Rejecting a campaign removes the campaign from your feed, and trains Autobound’s suggestion engine on how to suggest campaigns in the future. Rejecting all of the campaigns you don’t want to send is a best practice.

In addition to rejecting a campaign, you can tell Autobound to:

  • Delete a contact from the system (won’t erase the contact from Salesforce)

  • Not suggest that contact again

  • Not suggest that company again

Contacts appearing in multiple triggers

A single contact may be suggested in up to three different triggers. This means one contact might exist for "Acquisitions", "New Hire", and "No Contact 30 Days".

Campaign regeneration

Campaigns are regenerated every 1-3 minutes. This is especially important to note during onboarding, when the modifications you make to personas, insights, snippets, custom fields, etc., will constantly be erasing the campaigns and causing them to regenerate. After initially linking Salesforce or importing contacts via CSV, expect to wait up to 15 minutes to see your first campaigns populate.

Inaccurate news events

Autobound doesn’t always categorize news events properly. If a news event is inaccurate, you can press Inaccurate to destroy the signal, and all other campaigns that might be leveraging it

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