Understanding how to create and modify the sales messaging in your account will enable you to consistently engage the hottest prospects with the best messaging at the right time.

Watch our Co-Founder, Kyle Schuster, create and modify Snippets.


Within every campaign Autobound suggests, there's a set of Snippets. Snippets are simply sentences of sales messaging that exist within an email.

There are 6 different sections of an email that have Snippets embedded. These are:

  1. Subject - Follow up & idea for {{companyName}}'s partnership

  2. Greeting - Hi {{contactFirstName}}

  3. Opener - Saw {{companyName}}'s latest partnership on {{insightSource}} and...

  4. Pitch - {{userCompanyName}}'s {{offeringCategory}} empowers teams like...

  5. Call to Action - What's your availability like for 10am Monday or 2pm...

  6. Signoff - Best, {{userFirstName}}

Each user's account comes pre-built with an impressive library of Snippets which Autobound continues to add to. As users update and create Snippets in their account, they'll be able to send expert-level messaging with ease.

Snippet Rule Editing

Snippets can be made contextual by saving an Insight rule, News Event rule, or Persona Rule to it. This functionality lets you build your own engine to automatically reference the most high value information whenever you're reaching out to a prospect.

Let's walk through an example together. One of our favorite Subject line snippets is:

"re {{insightArticleSource}} article - get 2x from each new sales hire ({{contactFirstName}} <> Autobound"

Here's what it looks like inside of a campaign:

Snippet before and after conversion

Remember how we said Snippets were situationally specific? Let's explore what the rules actually looks like to better understand what that means.

By clicking on the save icon (can be found just above the snippet text on the horizontal toolbar), users are able to access the Snippet editor pane.

In this example, we can see the News event rule is set as "Increases Headcount", meaning that this Snippet will only be suggested in messaging when a "Increases Headcount" news event is found.

Notice that there is no Persona rule or Insight rule associated here, meaning that this Snippet could be suggested into an email regardless of which Persona or which insights the included contact maps too.

Sure, this Snippet is pretty solid, but let's assume we want to make it even more personalized. When making modifications, users should ask themselves the following questions:

  1. Will my change to this Snippet's messaging work (aka be readable and relevant) when suggested to other contacts?

  2. Do I want to overwrite this Snippet and get rid of the previous snippet so it no longer has the ability to be suggested or save it as new?

    Remember if you overwrite a snippet after changing its rules, the previous snippet will no longer be available for future campaigns. If you are making a snippet more specific with new rules, we recommend saving it as new, so you don't prevent future campaigns that aren't eligible for the new snippet, from receiving the original snippet. Learn more about this here.

  3. Is my modification so custom that it should only be used for the Contact in this Campaign?

For this example, let's assume we want to make the messaging more of "our voice" and a bit more targeted to the pain points faced by the Contact in this campaign, who happens to be a VP of Sales Enablement.

This messaging will now be suggested for future prospects who match the following rules:

  • A news event was found which mentioned the contact's company is growing the team significantly

  • The suggested contact matches the Sales Enablement Persona

Editing without saving

If we wanted to make a one-off change that's only specific to the prospects in this Campaign, we'd be able to do so on the previous screen. Simply typing into the email itself updates the messaging for the Campaign-at-hand, but won't have any implications on what this Snippet might look like in other Campaigns.

Comment variables (Personalization reminders)

For new users, there are personalization reminders (aka comment variables) in many of Snippets, prompting users to update with messaging that fits their sales process.

Personalization reminders are highlighted in blue. They're a great way to get yourself to do some real digging on a prospect before sending your campaign.

personalization reminders in autobound


Last of all, don't forget to use variables to your advantage! For situations where you're creating or modifying snippets to be used in future Campaigns, these will be your best friend.

using variables to increase personalization of autobound campaign

There's more to come in our journey of scaling expert level sales outreach. Stay tuned!

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