Autobound now integrates with Outreach!

Most sales teams using automated drip email tools (Outreach, Salesloft) tend to struggle with sacrificing personalization for scale. After speaking with many sales leaders, we've also learned that it's often difficult for sellers to choose who to put into a sequence, and when to do so.

Autobound users can now "kick-off" an Outreach sequence following a campaign sent from Autobound.

This integration is powerful for a few reasons:

  • Dramatically increases the level of personalization for the first email in a sequence

  • Improves a seller's odds of sparking a conversation on subsequent steps

  • Helps sellers prioritize who to contact first (while ensuring high-value contacts aren't neglected)

  • Keeps sellers in a familiar workflow, while increasing the value of a company's existing investments in their technology stack


In order to add contacts to sequences in Outreach, you must first connect your Outreach account to Autobound from within the Integrations page in Settings.

Choosing a Valid Sequence

When you approve a campaign through Autobound, an email is sent immediately.

Most sequences in Outreach have either a manual email or automated email as Step 1 in the sequence. In order to avoid sending two emails at the same time, Autobound sends the email you approve immediately, then auto-completes the first step of the sequence within in Outreach.

Because of this, we require the first step to be a general task, so completing the step doesn't send another email from Outreach.

We recommend duplicating your favorite sequences in Outreach, and adding a General task as your new Step 1, and then Step 2 will be the original Step 1. You may however, want to change the language of your follow up emails to improve their flow.


  • Add "Autobound" in front of the sequence name so it is clear which sequences can be used within Autobound

  • Add "Autobound email" to the General task description to make more intuitive for users inside of Outreach

  • Create multiple sequences for each trigger tracked in Autobound, then make the second step email a manual email so you can personalize it based on what was said in the Autobound email.

Contacts Must Exist in Outreach

In order for contacts to be added to an Outreach sequence, they must first exist in Outreach.

Do you have the Outreach anywhere extension + Salesforce? If so, you can easily add them to Outreach by going to their Salesforce profile.

Otherwise, you will need to add them to Outreach manually by going to the Prospect page within Outreach.

As always, let us know if you have any additional questions. Thanks for reading!

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