Autobound's Outreach integration empowers users to:

  1. Engage the hottest prospects at the right time, using Autobound's suggestion feed

  2. "Kick off" an Outreach sequence after following a personalized email sent from Autobound

  3. Inject personalized content into sequenced emails sent from Outreach

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- Integration setup

- Autobound's web app functionality

- Autobound's Chrome Extension functionality

- Suggestions on Creating Sequences in Outreach

- Contacts must first exist in Outreach to be added to a sequence

Integration setup

  1. Go to Settings → Integrations

  2. Click Connect next to the Outreach icon

Autobound's web app functionality

Autobound users can "kick-off" an Outreach sequence following a campaign sent from within Autobound.

To add a contact to an Outreach sequence:

  1. Open a Suggested Campaign

  2. Click the Outreach icon beneath the email text.

    1. Note: In order for contacts to be added to a sequence, they must first exist in Outreach.

  3. Select the sequence you’d like to add the prospect to.

    1. The sequence needs to have the first step to be a general task, so completing the step doesn't send another email from Outreach.

    2. As a best practice, we recommend duplicating your favorite sequence, adding an Autobound step as your new Step 1, then shifting your initial first email to Step 2. You might want to change the language of your follow-up emails to improve their flow.

  4. Press add to sequence and send email

  5. Rinse & repeat!

Chrome Extension Functionality

In addition the the below functionality, users can also add prospects to Outreach sequences via the Chrome Extension, just like they can in Autobound's web app. More info on our Chrome Extension can be found here.

Autobound's Chrome extension makes it easy to put contacts into a personalized sequence, no matter where you are. Autobound will also responsively load insights and suggested content for a prospect, when that prospect’s record is pulled up in Outreach (same with Salesforce).

This enables users to:

  1. Instantly surface insights on a prospect that might otherwise be missed, or take considerable time to find

  2. Instantly have a personalized email ready-to-send, based on those insights

  3. Inject personalized content into manual email steps using our copy-snippet (or copy entire email body) features

Suggestions on Creating Sequences in Outreach

  • Add "Autobound" in front of the Outreach sequence or Salesloft cadence, so it’s clear can be used within Autobound

  • Create sequences for each trigger tracked in Autobound. Consider making the second step email a manual email so you can personalize it based on what was said in the Autobound email.

Contacts must exist in Outreach to be added to a sequence

For contacts to be added to an Outreach sequence, they must first exist in Outreach.

With the Outreach anywhere extension, you can easily add prospects to Outreach by going to their Salesforce profile. If you don't have their extension, you can add them to Outreach manually by going to the Prospect page within Outreach.

As always, let us know if you have any additional questions. Thanks for reading!

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