What are Contact Suggestion Filters?

If you want to omit certain types of contacts from being suggested, you can easily do so through Contact Suggestion Filters.

Here's how:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click Contact Suggestion Filters

  3. Add your custom Logic, or use your predefined Personas

Common Suggestion Filters:

  1. Don't suggest contacts with an open opportunity at their company

  2. Don't suggest current customers

  3. Don't suggest contacts if they unsubscribed from email

  4. Only suggest contacts that belong to me
    Note: When Only contacts owned by the user are imported from Salesforce or uploaded through CSV. If the owner of those contacts changes in Salesforce, they will still exist in Autobound. Therefore, you should set up a contact suggestion filter where Belongs to me equals True. This will ensure the contacts being suggested are always owned by you.

    Autobound updates ownership once every 24 hours (or you can update in manually through integrations by clicking "Re-sync contacts" next to Salesforce

Here's a Video on Contact Suggestion Filters

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