Contact suggestion rules lets you mandate rules that contacts must match to be eligible for being suggested. Be careful not to go overboard with these! Keep in mind, you’re trying to enable as many contacts as possible to be eligible to be suggested. Only build filters for contacts that you don’t want to reach out to, under any means.

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  1. Go to SettingsContact Suggestion Rules

  2. Click “edit rules”

  3. Select the object that you’d like to build a rule from

  4. Select the field you’d like to build the rule from

  5. Press apply. Note, this will wipe all associated suggested campaigns instantly. Campaigns not impacted by your filters won’t be removed. This won’t impact any contacts who are currently in an Outreach sequence or Salesloft cadence.

  6. Add your custom Logic, or use your predefined Personas

Recommended rules to add

The following examples are just to get you thinking :) Most orgs have different fields.

Don’t suggest contacts when…

  • Contact/Lead: opt out = true

  • Contact/Lead: has email bounced = true

  • Contact/Lead: Current Outreach sequence/Salesloft cadence name = known

  • Account: type = investor, partner, etc.

More restrictive filters, typically used by users who don’t want to reach out to current customers, or those tied to an open opportunity

  • Account: type = customer

  • Opportunity: is closed = false

  • Contact: last activity date (LESS THAN) 30 days ago

Using personas as filters

You can use persona rules as suggestion filters, telling Autobound not to allow any contacts who don't fit one of your personas to be suggested. Ensure you're not being too restrictive in this scenario.

How Autobound uses suggestion filters

  • Only suggest contacts tied to accounts that have 3+ open sales roles

  • Only suggest contacts tied to accounts using Salesforce AND (Outreach or Salesloft)

What are Contact Suggestion Filters?

If you want to omit certain types of contacts from being suggested, you can easily do so through Contact Suggestion Filters.

CSV vs. Salesforce users

Salesforce users can bring default and custom Salesforce fields into their suggestion rules. CSV users are restricted to the fields that are imported through.

Here's a Video on Contact Suggestion Filters

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