Your competitors are unleashing "spray and pray" emails to your buyers. Inboxes are inundated, and unfortunately getting your “foot in the door” with new buyers is more challenging than ever.

As you know, the best sellers leverage a deep amount of data on their prospects when conducting their outreach.

If you haven't experimented thoroughly yet, you're now able to automate an advanced prospecting process across each company in your CRM. Queueing up an intelligently prioritized feed of click-to-send campaigns.

How-to's below. First, let's see if I can spark some inspiration:

Example message: “Wanted to circle back from when Samantha on your team evaluated using our bookkeeping automation system in Q2 of last year. I believe your team went with Quickbooks, how’ve things been with their tool?”

Supporting rules: (Closed lost opp EQUALS TRUE) AND (Competitor Lost To EQUALS QUICKBOOKS)

Primary Input: records from Salesforce Opportunities

One more...

Example message: “Following up from my note in March, trust you’ve been well since. Have you given any thought towards how our system could help you reduce time-to-hire for new SDRs, and enable them to spend more time selling?”

Supporting rules (SFDC): (Last Activity Date GREATER THAN 30 DAYS AGO}} AND (Stage EQUALS "QUALIFIED")

Example rules (AB Persona): (Persona is any of “Sales Enablement”)

Primary Input: records from Salesforce Activity (Tasks) Fields & Autobound’s Persona Classification System

Need a hand figuring it out? Check out these resources:

Creating and Modifying Snippets

Creating Personas

Master these, and you're automatically bound to be successful.

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