1. Check the existing logic affiliated with a snippet of text to determine if there is current persona/trigger logic applied. We can see in the image below, that this snippet of text is eligible and will be available any time there is 3rd party news event acquisition campaign suggested. You can often understand what the underlying logic is, based on the text within the snippet.

    2. Since there is no Persona affiliated with this snippet, it would be in our best interest to further customize the text based on the role of the contact suggested for this campaign and then save the snippet as new after applying the appropriate persona logic. We do this, because if we have multiple personas that we're reaching out to (ie. VP of Sales, and the Head of Sales Enablement), we likely choose much different words that speak to the benefits, and pain we can relieve with our offerings during or after an acquisition has taken place.

    Edit the text, and then add your persona, and save it as new.

    How do you determine whether or not to Save VS Overwrite a Snippet? Check out this article here!

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