Understanding how Autobound's scoring engine works will help you customize your account based on what's important to you and your team when outbounding.

Suggested Campaigns are prioritized based on who you're able to send the most compelling message to, now. This is based on a function of a campaign's insights and snippets.

In this article we'll cover:

  1. Prioritizing your suggested campaign feed by triggering-insight

  2. How contacts are prioritized within a triggering insight

  3. Multiple insights saved to a snippet

  4. Other important features to master

How to sort Suggested Campaigns by Triggering-Insight Score

On the Suggested Campaign page, you'll see a prioritized list of your Triggering-Insights. This is done via a simple numerical score you can give to any triggering insight. If you rank your funding insight "100" and your acquisitions insight "80" then the funding insight will appear above the Acquisitions insight (assuming both insights have the "triggering-insight" setting turned on).

Contacts who match the triggering-insight's rules are eligible to appear in campaigns within that triggering-insight. As an example, if John Doe's employer just made an acquisition, you'll likely see John Doe in the acquisition Trigger.

When determining the prioritization of each triggering-insight, ask yourself: "when contacts match this insight, how important is it that I reach out right away?

You can score your insight on a scale from 1-100. All of the insights in your account should be scored in order of how likely you think they are to generate a response from your prospects when referenced in an email. All of your insights (not just 1st party vs. job openings, etc.) should be taken into consideration when ranking them against each other.

How contacts are prioritized within a triggering insight

Each campaign in your suggestion feed has a score. A campaign’s score is the sum of each snippet’s score, and a snippet’s score is the sum of each associated insight’s score.

So if the news-event based “funding” insight has a score of 40, and 4 of 6 snippets in the suggested campaign are saved just to the funding insight, that campaign will have a score of 160. Campaigns with cumulative scores above 160 will be suggested above on the suggestion feed, and vice versa.

Associating a persona to a snippet will automatically apply a score of 20.

You’ll see that the pre-loaded insights are already scored in your account. Once you understand how scoring works, this can be changed as you see fit.

Multiple insights saved to a snippet

Let’s imagine a snippet with the following attributes:

  • Snippet section: subject line

  • Insights:

    • 1st party: Previous lost opportunity (score of 30) OR Previous inbound lead (score of 25)

    • News event: funding (score of 40)

    • Persona: Head of Sales (score of 20)

  • Text: “Still interested? Pipeline gen on autopilot following {{companyName}}’s funding round”

The contact being suggested would HAVE to match the funding insight and head of sales persona, and one of two of the 1st party insights.

If the contact matched each of the four above insights, this snippet would add a score of 115 (30+25+40+20) to the campaign score. If they only matched the “Previous lost opportunity” insight, this snippet would receive a score of 90 (30+40+20).

Be sure to master the following as well:

- Creating and modifying snippets

- Creating insights

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