Autobound’s extension automatically loads a personalized email for a prospect, when that prospect's record is opened in Outreach, Salesloft or Salesforce. Alongside the ready-to-send email, we'll also display insights from your CRM, news events, hiring trends, previous conversations, and more. Autobound also prioritizes contacts to reach out to in a suggested campaign feed, which can be accessed from the extension.

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- Installing the Autobound Chrome Extension

- Using with Outreach or Salesloft

- Responsive campaign generation

- Rejecting a campaign vs. marking it as done

- Copy functionality

- CSV users (not on Salesforce)

Installing the Autobound Chrome Extension

  1. Open Google Chrome.

  2. Go to the Chrome Store by clicking this link

  3. Install the extension

  4. In the top right corner of your browser, click the puzzle icon

  5. Click the blue pin next to the Autobound Icon. This lets you open the extension in one click, wherever you are, and won’t hide the extension beneath others in your menu.

  6. To open the Extension, click the Autobound icon that now appears near the puzzle icon

Using with Outreach or Salesloft

Users can easily add prospects to Outreach/Salesloft sequences directly from the Chrome extension. To do so, simply click on the Outreach/Salesloft icon, then select the sequence you'd like to add them to.

Responsive campaign generation

When navigating to a contact's profile in Outreach, Salesloft, or Salesforce, the extension automatically loads a campaign, surfacing relevant insights and suggested messaging. You can copy Autobound's content and use it outside Autobound, or simply leverage the insights to help you on a phone call or meeting.

Rejecting a campaign vs. marking it as done

When to reject: Rejecting a campaign causes the contact not to be suggested for up to 30 days. If you don't want to send an email to contact in the campaign, and you didn't find value in any of the insights or content suggested, we recommend rejecting the campaign.

When to mark as done: Marking a campaign as "done" will cause the campaign to be removed from your Campaign feed. The contact will be eligible to be suggested again 2 days later (unless your organization's contact suggestion filters prevent this).

You should use this button if you took an action (called, emailed) on that contact based on the campaign Autobound suggested, or if you found value in the campaign, and want it removed from your campaign feed.

Copy functionality

Users can easily copy content from the email and insert it into another system.

Common use cases include…

  • Inserting the content into LinkedIn inMails.

  • Inserting content into a manual email step into your email sequences.

  • Inserting content in the compose window within your email client.

CSV users (not using Salesforce)

Include each contact’s URL from your CRM in your import. This enables two functionalities:

  1. Autobound’s Chrome Extension will dynamically load insights and suggested content alongside a prospect’s record, when you open that record in your CRM.

  2. Within the Autobound web app, a small icon will appear next to each contact’s name, enabling users to instantly navigate to that record in your CRM.

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