Within campaigns (and inside of your snippet library), you may come across blue placeholders containing the words "Fill me in". These are called Mini-snippets.

Mini-snippets allow you to customize Autobound's recommendations based on your company's messaging. Every new account comes with "placeholder" messaging. The more mini-snippets you update with your company's unique messaging, the better Autobound's suggestions become, across every user in your org!

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  • Autobound admins

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Steps to filling in mini-snippets

Filling in new mini-snippets

  1. Click on the placeholder that contains "Fill me in".

  2. Read the instructions at the top of the window.

  3. Input your custom messaging in the text box. Make sure you're following the instructions.

    (Optional): Select the "open min-snippet library" ( button and reuse previously created mini-snippets.

    For example: Suppose you filled out a pitch for one of your personas, and the pitch for another persona is nearly identical. Instead of typing the new pitch out, select the pitch from your mini-snippet library that is similar, and make the proper tweaks before saving it. Learn more about this feature below.

  4. If the mini-snippet is in the middle of a sentence or paragraph, make sure your input reads well with the surrounding text (you can do this at the bottom of the window).

  5. Click Save

Editing Mini-snippets

Modifying mini-snippets you've already saved

Once you fill in a mini-snippet, you can always go back and change it.

Steps to editing Mini-snippets:

  1. Hover over the text underlined in blue

  2. Click edit

  3. Follow steps 3-5 from Steps to filling in Mini-snippets

How mini-snippets function across your org

How mini-snippets help your teammates

Like most elements created in Autobound, mini-snippets are shared across your org. Each user in your org will see their campaigns populated with the snippet values you enter.


  • Make sure you take your time when filling in mini-snippets

  • Be concise

  • Use language that is relevant to the rest of your team

Mini-snippet library tags

Re-use previously created Mini-snippets to create new ones

Instead of writing mini-snippets from scratch, insert existing mini-snippets into the text box and modify it until it's ready to save.

Easily know which mini-snippets to use by looking at their tags.

The example above is highlighting the Pain-point mini-snippet created for when a company is launching a new offering, and the contact suggested doesn't match any persona filters that have been set up.

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