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Currently, Autobound doesn't directly integrate with Hubspot. Hubspot users need to periodically export contacts from Hubspot and import them into Autobound for each user in a team or organization.

Hubspot provides a great feature called "Lists where users can run reports on the contacts in their CRM to be exported via CSV. Users can build filters into these reports, enabling them to ensure contacts aren't exported if they meet certain conditions, signifying those contacts shouldn't be reached out to (e.g. do not call, unsubscribed, current customers, open opportunity contacts).

In Hubspot Lists, ensure the necessary headers are visible before you export.

Please review the below video and instructions:



  1. Log in to Hubspot

  2. Hover over Contacts in the menu bar and select Lists

  3. Create an Active List

  4. Give it a memorable name, like "Autobound Export"

  5. Add your filters. Common examples are:

    1. Do not call equals false

    2. Unsubscribe equals false

    3. Lifecycle stage is none of customer, partner, vendor

    4. Desired Contact owners

  6. Select Actions in the top right corner

  7. Click Edit columns

  8. Ensure you include all required fields and highly recommended fields that Autobound allows you to import. You can learn which fields are required and highly recommended as well as other fields you can use on the Uploading Contacts via CSV article.

    1. Important: If you want to import Last Activity, we recommend mapping Last contacted as the field you export from Hubspot, and map to Autobound's Last Activity

  9. Add Contact owner as a column header because you'll need to import different contacts for each Autobound user separately. Make sure you filter your spreadsheet down and copy-paste the contacts for each owner on a separate sheet before importing

  10. Save your headers

  11. When you're ready to export, click Actions again

  12. Click Export list

  13. Important: We highly recommend you take a few additional steps before importing into Autobound. In order for Last Activity to work in Autobound, the format Hubspot provides by default needs to be modified. Additionally, you'll want to provide a URL reference for each contact, so it is easy to navigate to the contact's associated Hubspot profile from within Autobound

  14. Open your XLSX file

  15. Copy everything on the sheet by pressing Command + C or Cntrl + C on your keyboard (to easily highlight everything, hold command + A, or control + A if not on mac)

  16. Open up a blank Google sheet in your web browser, and paste your file

  17. Highlight any column that contains a date, such as Last contacted or Company: Last contacted

  18. Select the drop-down in the toolbar at the top of the page that says 123 (to the left of the font), and select Date. This should convert the values in the column to the proper date format. Do this for each date column

  19. Create a new column to the left of Column A, and title it "Hubspot contact URL"

  20. For this step, you will need to have your HUB ID number handy. you can find that in the top right corner of your account

  21. In the first cell type the following function, and replace YOUR HUB ID with your hub ID
    =CONCATENATE(" HUB ID/contact/",B2,"/")

    If done correctly, the function should combine " HUB ID/contact/" with the value of the cell to the right of the column, which should be the contact ID

  22. Hover your mouse over the bottom right corner of the cell you just edited until you see a "+" icon and hold shift and double click. You can also just drag the corner down to the end of the sheet if you prefer

  23. You are now ready to download the sheet and import it into Autobound!

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