Users receive a daily insights digest sent to their email, daily. Click here to see a full example.

Inside of this daily digest is:

  1. A list of 15 of the “hottest” prospects in the user’s account (see scoring), with a bulleted description of the insights in their respective campaign.

    1. Clicking on the contact’s name will open that contact in Salesforce.

    2. Clicking on the article source opens the article’s url.

    3. Clicking Open in Autobound will bring you to that contact’s campaign page in Autobound

    4. Clicking Open compose window automatically opens your compose window, with the recipient's email address auto-populated, and added as a bcc for tracking purposes.

  2. A snapshot of the distribution of contacts across other campaigns in the user’s account.

    1. Clicking into any trigger's name will open that trigger, and a full list of the matching contacts, within suggested campaigns.

  3. How many contacts and accounts you currently have uploaded into Autobound. We recommend having at least 2,000 contacts across 500 companies.

  4. An activity overview, showing how many campaigns a user sent the previous day, how many emails were clicked, and replied to.

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